Family & Relationships: 2 Secret Tips to Get Women Singles & Dating

2 Secret Tips to Get Women

If you're like almost all guys, you've more than likely heard of pick up and how a few guys can acquire a woman's phone number, get a date and grab a kiss after simply a couple of minutes of talking. Why have these limited number been blessed with the this gift, whilst other men seem

Family & Relationships: Pick Up Artist (PUA) Singles & Dating

Pick Up Artist (PUA)

A pickup artist, commonly abbreviated PUA, in seduction community is a term used to describe a man who is or who at least strives to be skilled in meeting, attracting, and seducing women. Typical PUAs use memorised routines and gambits to perfect their false 'art of seduction'. Natural Gam

Family & Relationships: Spice Up Your Love Life Singles & Dating

Spice Up Your Love Life

Every human being has the intensity and the urge driving them; the will to satiate the carnal pleasure. However, it is not always possible to pacify the desire you are seeking for, which leads to several misunderstandings and also distance between individuals.

Family & Relationships: Everyone Wants to Help You Win Back Your Boyfriend Singles & Dating

Everyone Wants to Help You Win Back Your Boyfriend

It is not always a lost cause when you break up with a person that you are still in love with. All you need to learn are a few basics that will help you get him back. Many people have found themselves in this situation and there is no shortage of advice either from family or friends to the numerous