Technology: How to Remove the Hacktool Virus Networking & Internet

How to Remove the Hacktool Virus

The Hacktool also known as the Hacktool.Rootkit is a Trojan virus that enters your computer without your knowledge. It allows hackers to break into your system and collect confidential information about you or your company. If allowed to settle for a longer time, this Trojan virus may cause some for

Technology: Apps Recommended for the Dell Streak Networking & Internet

Apps Recommended for the Dell Streak

Most reviews of the Dell Streak tend to classify the device as something halfway between a typical smartphone and a tablet device like the iPad, mainly because of its size. described the Streak as "a flashy, effective smartphone with an eye toward more universal functionality.&

Technology: Google Hot Trends Networking & Internet

Google Hot Trends

Hot Trends is a measurement of Google search trends. It was launched in May of 2007. It is similar to Google Trends and Google Zeitgeist, except that it is updated multiple times per day. The service does not measure the absolute popularity of search terms, as these don't tend to change much ov